If you’re looking for directed guidance around one specific issue in your life, whether it is the ‘HOW’ of building an online coaching practice, or BUSTING through particular limiting beliefs - A 1:1 Alignment Session can help you!

You will receive 60 - 90 minutes of in depth private coaching with me, where we will create epic clarity around your specific issue, AND work together to create high vibe action plans to ensure that you walk away equipped with what you came looking for!

- How to create an online business
- How to overcome fear of judgement
- How to move from $2k - $5k months
- The HOW of Manifesting
- The Universal Laws
- How to call in a soul mate relationship
- How to set and enforce boundaries
- How to uncover life purpose & ACT on it
- How to create E-books & market them
- Understanding the Law of Attraction
- Marketing yourself online
- Creating, promoting, and running courses
- The Mindset & action planning that goes with goal creation
- Goal setting
- Journaling to align with the subconscious mind
- and SO much more!

IF you’re ready to create CHANGE in your life, book your 1:1 Alignment Session below!

USD $444

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