Meet Jacqui, and learn more about Self Help for The Soul.


Self Help for the Soul is a brand for the Modern Day spiritual WOMAN. The woman who KNOWS it is okay to have a glass of wine, and still be ALIGNED. The woman who knows it is okay to swear, and still be HIGH VIBE. The woman who LOVES to create & enjoy epic abundance, and STILL be SPIRITUAL. Self Help for The Soul is HOME for the woman who KNOWS she is here to make an IMPACT on the world, and make money doing it.


50% TUPAC, 50% DEEPAK.
Jacqui is a spiritual entrepreneur, best known for her perfect balance of WOO and STRATEGY that she mixes in everything she offers.
Often known to break out in a gangsta rap, Jacqui is known for the high energy trainings and programs that have helped bring change to hundreds of women around the world. She is a serial creator, and loves to provide massive value to everyone she serves. Having started her first online business at 21 years of age, Jacqui has gained MAJOR experience in what it takes to create a successful online brand. Jacqui has studied personal development & Spiritual development for over 10 years, and is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programmer & Life Coach.


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