I believe in loving unconditionally. I believe in conscious living. I believe in conscious loving.
I have been studying the Law of Attraction & manifesting for ten years, and have actively applied all that I know, to create the life that I live now - one of abundance, flexibility, fun, fulfilment, adventure and ALIGNMENT. And, I am here, to teach you how to do the same too.

I am energetic, optimistic, and just the right amount of nuts. I am a yogi and a dog lover, someone who LOVES eating healthy, but am also known to enjoy a glass of red wine and dive deep into some dark chocolate. I am someone who uses the words 'alignment', 'manifestation' and 'energy' on the reg, but I am also someone who knows first hand what it means to work and create what you want from the ground up. I believe in always operating from a place of love, nurture and support - But also in calling bullshit when the time is right.
I love to have fun and push myself out of my comfort zone.
If I am not working with you to help you unleash your own inner greatness, you will find me practicing yoga, reading or writing, listening to 90's tunes & Ed Sheeran, hiking in the forest, or basking in the sun on a remote beach, thinking about parallel universes or Harry Potter.

I live in the gorgeous WILD of South Africa, on a wildlife estate surrounded by animals and nature in her purest form. You'll often catch me staring into space, mesmerized by the sounds of the birds calling, or giggling at a monkey stealing a banana, or smiling at a warthog or a giraffe warthog or giraffe stopping at our bird bath for a drink. I have a passion for nature and wildlife, and have experience in raising different kinds of wildlife, rehabilitating orphaned ones ones back into the wild. 

Hanging out with Dani, the baby rhino.

Hanging out with Dani, the baby rhino.

Exchanging love with an orphaned baby giraffe

Exchanging love with an orphaned baby giraffe

So, what else. I know what you're here for. My journey, right?! Ok, well... Here's the SHORT version:

My absolute unfaltering belief that we CREATE OUR REALITY has led me to live the successful life that I have today, and I can't wait to help you to do the same.

Having overcome serious bullying, I am an absolute advocate for self love, using our mindsets to decide what we take from each situation. Some of my core values are all about total honesty and vulnerability - because that is where we get our power, and where we can truly own our story and EMBODY the lessons! So.... As we all have, I've had my fair share of some pretty heavy relationships, traumatic realizations about myself and where I was at. 

For the first large chunk of my teenage, young adult & adult life, I was a chameleon. I didn't have the courage or the bravery to live from a place that reflected who I truly was - I was scared that people would judge me, that I'd be abandoned, that I'd be alone. So instead, I wore MANY different hats, depending on who I was around. As you can imagine, this lead me to completely lose sight of who I was inside. The girl who wanted to go down in the history books for discovering some ancient artifact. Who wanted to swing from vines and have adventures as often as she breathed. Who, more than anything, wanted to help and serve as many hurt souls as she could.

I left my beautiful South Africa and went to New Zealand, my other home, for almost a year of immersive self development, where I lived under my Mom's roof and dedicated every minute to working on finally stepping out as Who I Truly Am. It was HARD, and SCARY, and freakin' depressing at times - I'm talking crying in my Mom's arms like a toddler - but you know what? The greater the CHALLENGE, the GREATER the GROWTH. And, the greater the action, the more IMMERSIVE the result. Though it was one of the most challenging times of my life, it was also, without doubt, the most rewarding period, for it taught me not only to love, appreciate and BE exactly who I am, but it gave me such release of issues blocks I'd been holding onto for my whole life. 

It took a lot of messy relationships, destructive self sabotage, hurtful behaviour (toward myself and others!), the sinkhole of depression, and some SERIOUSLY HEART BREAKING HONESTY to take me to where I am now. And it didn't happen overnight - let me assure you. I studied, and studied, and studied, investing close to $50,000 in my own personal development. I have worked with the Law of Attraction for as long as I can remember, and I have actively and consciously studied it (along with the ELEVEN other Universal Laws!) for many years.

It became easier each day. It became a little less scary each time I chose to live from authenticity and purpose, instead of what I thought OTHERS wanted me to act like.

I am now in a place where I have a successful business I've run for 6 years, I have completed my dream of becoming a MINDSET COACH - I get to live out my purpose in life and with the Universe - to serve - to be right next to YOU as you grow, learn, develop and transform...


I cannot wait to begin our journey together.

Love, light, and a high Vibe high 5,
Jacqui xx