Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Sciencey bit: NLP is one of the most well-known tools when it comes to creating lasting change in our body and minds. Since being developed in the 1970's, NLP has been adopted by many great change agents such as Tony Robbins (yeah you know!) NLP, or Neuro Linguistic Programming looks at how words do not describe our world, but how the words we use CREATE our world. By combining the top three factors that create and influence our experiences in life (Neuro - Brain, Linguistic - the language it uses - Programming - the procceses in place), understanding and applying NLP is an incredibly powerful way to initiate and maintain change in any areas of your life.

Non-sciencey bit: NLP is about how we react and respond to ourselves and others, based on our 'map of the world', or on our fliters - how we were brought up, experiences we've been through, our outlook, breakfast (kidding!) and so on. So, it looks at how what we think is reality is actually only one possibility among an infinite amount of others. Our 'reality' is only our perception of what reality is. With NLP, we create multiple pathways within the brain for creating and changing the way we perceive reality (and thus numerous massive positive changes).

An NLP breakthrough session is a super focused laser coaching session that goes super deep on what is holding you back and WHY - then, we work on eliminating those blocks and smashing through the limiting beliefs you hold, leaving you with a clearly defined path of action and lasting change in your life.