1.       JOURNEY OF SOULS – Michael Newtown
This book was an absolute game changer for me. It allowed me to remove all emotion from situations. And I mean that in a good way! I’d spent my whole life looking at negative things that happened in my life, or around me, thinking, ‘Why me? Why him? Why them?’ It would bring me down, and I’d get lost in my own thoughts of overanalyzing EVERYTHING – break ups, make ups, random meetings with people who gave me warm fuzzy feelings, why my Dad got Multiple Sclerosis and lost his business…. You feel me? It was not a happy place to be.

Journey of Souls is not about past lives. Instead, it focuses on the place BEFORE this life. Michael Newton has worked with thousands of subjects all over the world to research this ‘place’ – what he calls ‘the life between lives’. In this book, you’ll find out WHY you are here, right now, in this place and time, doing what you’re doing, going through what you’re going through – and why the people in your life are there, and why some are not.

Even if you don’t believe in past lives, I recommend reading this book, as it allows you to gain a much broader perspective of why things happen – and it allows you to act from a place of knowing and comfort, rather than a place of emotions.


This is my favorite book of Gabby’s that I’ve read so far. In it, she explains in very simple terms how and why we are so loved, supported, and encouraged by the Universe in ALL that we do. She details her own personal journey too, which I appreciate – her addiction to drugs and a fast-paced lifestyle, to her total and utter surrender to the Universe and her greater plan. What I love, is that she offers really easy to implement ways that you too can have access to the joy and peace available to us all.

Gabby includes meditations, journaling exercises, and really simple everyday practices to bring more alignment, love, and serenity into your life. A great starter for anyone who is looking for a general, ‘beginners guide’ to this way of life.


For anyone who has read ‘The Secret’, you’ll know about the Law of Attraction. BUT, what you won’t know, is that it goes SO MUCH DEEPER than what The Secret details.

The Teachings of Abraham; The Law of Attraction was the first reading material that truly gave me an in-depth understanding of HOW to embrace the Law of Attraction in all that I do. Instead of just focusing on the thoughts side of things, this book also gives great detail on the other two components of the LOA not often spoken about – Deliberate Creation and The Law of Allowing.

A must-read for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how to manifest anything in their life, how to shift into a higher, more positive frequency, and how to vibrate in alignment with all that you desire.


I love this author for so many reasons. First of all, she isn’t afraid to use the F word every now and then, which I love and identify with. Sometimes there just are not any other words, to sum up that feeling!
You are a Bad Ass focuses on setting foundations to have a pretty kick-ass life. Jen doesn’t focus too much on the ‘woo woo’ side of things like Gabby does, but she uses the same principles. This is a must read if you’re looking to understand how ‘things’ work in a more logical way.

You are a Bad Ass at Making Money is an equal favorite by the same author because she isn’t afraid to truly tackle your limiting beliefs around money and becoming RICH badasses. Not only does she ‘go there’, but she offers massive value at the end of each chapter, by bringing in practical exercises – often in the form of journaling or affirmations – to truly release the negative, unswerving belief, and welcome in the new & positive.

This was the first spirituality based money book that I ever read, and it opened my eyes to seeing that I WAS worthy to be paid a fortune to do what I love and what I am GOOD at, that it was OKAY (and, in fact, encouraged) to be financially abundant AND spiritual, and that I am the driver in my own success story. A MUST read for anyone who struggles with being paid to do ‘helping others’ work, or anyone trapped in a low vibe money story.


5.       CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD -  Neale Donald Walsch
This book came to me because the Universe wanted it to. I’d put out the intention for a new book, and all of a sudden, this one popped up EVERYWHERE. All over my newsfeed, recommended to me by friends, stumbling across it by accident all over the place – so, naturally, when the Universe gives you a sign like this – you don’t ignore it! And BOY, am I glad I didn’t!

Now, I am not religious in terms of identifying as a Christian or any other religious belief. In fact, I was raised Jewish, and I do still feel that very much in my identity. But I call my Higher Power the Universe.
So – it doesn’t matter if you identify with being religious or not, this book will ABSOLUTELY serve you.

Neale very plainly, and simply, retells the conversations that he has had with God, covering MANY aspects. In this book, you’ll begin to understand why there are ‘bad things’ in the world, why you don’t get what you always want, how to manifest things rapidly and SO much more. This book is a godsend – pun intended – and a life changer for all those who want to understand how your Higher Power communicates with you, what to listen for, and how to effectively show up in this world as the best version of you, knowing you are the creator of your own reality.