How to set BOUNDARIES when you start COACHING.

One of my BIGGEST struggles when I started coaching, was setting BOUNDARIES.

Boundaries with my clients, yes, but mostly boundaries with people who weren’t my clients and just wanted a tonne of free advice. More recently, my challenge has been boundaries with others in the industry. But more on that in another post.

Are you a coach who’s brand spanking new? Or, are you someone who’s struggling to draw a line between potential clients and homies who literally JUST want free advice…. THIS POST IS FOR YOU.

When you’re starting out at a coach, it can be REALLY tough to strike a balance between getting your name out there (A.K.A GIVING EPIC FREE VALUE) and being taken for a ride (A.K.A give all of your hard earned knowledge, tips and techniques away FO FREE).

I remember literally having a calendar open for people to book in ‘virtual coffee dates’ with me, which was supposed to be like a discovery call. Only, I’d end up spending 2 hours on the phone with them, solving all of their problems and not having the balls to sell them a package at the end.

I’d exhaust myself trying to speak to everyone, answer all questions, research things I didn’t know about yet, and end the day with NO new clients, but a tonne of people telling me that my advice really helped them.

As someone who really battled with ‘sales = serving’ mentality (and honestly, I sometimes still do!), setting boundaries with people who couldn’t invest financially in having a coach was one of my biggest challenges.

The more time and value I gave away, the more I attracted people who only wanted free stuff.
The more I attracted people who only wanted free stuff, the more I began to doubt myself - maybe what I was offering, wasn’t worth anything?

Sound familiar to you?! Read on, bad ass babe!

Here’s what happened. I coached myself out of that, knowing that I was simply attracting the energy that I was putting out. And that was one of ‘FREE STUFF! Don’t pay me!’. So that had to change, and quick.

It was FREAKY at first, but I knew that if I wanted to be a ‘big girl’, I had to start acting like one.
When people asked me for advice, I would say things like,

”At a quick glance…. Reading briefly….. As a quick tip….'“ I would then finish by saying if they wanted more insight and guidance, they could book in for my once off consultation. And guess what happened?! Some people booked it (actually, to this day, one of them is still a very invested 1:1 client of mine!), and some I never heard from again.

After that, I put together a LOW offering, as I KNEW it was time to start ACTUALLY being a coach with REAL CLIENTS, not just someone who called herself a coach and posted inspirational stuff on FB and IG.

I was really careful to NOT lower my ‘worth’ as a coach by lowering my offering in a way that seemed dodgy (you need to be really careful with this - your rate will always reflect the kind of coach you are), so here’s what it looked like (I literally just swam through 3457248209482 old posts to find the exact one):

”FACEBOOK FAM - can you help?
I am trialing out a new coaching package that I want to add to my offerings, and I am looking for SIX women to join me on this EPIC journey of SELF CREATION at a super reduced rate, in return for new TESTIMONIES when I update my website!

If you want to gain clarity in your life, start manifesting and calling in EVERYTHING that you desire, gain confidence and self esteem, have a higher feeling of self worth, feel empowered and motivated, LEARN how to BREAK through the blocks that keep you away from reaching your full potential within yourself, your relationships, and your businesses, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

These packages will include 4x 1:1 sessions with me over 4 weeks (diving deep and creating massive change in your life!) & full messenger/audio support 9am - 9pm everyday!

I am offering SIX spots on this new endeavor for a massively reduced rate of $279 in return for testimonies when I update my website (May 2018).

This is a NEW PACKAGE that I’ll be offering later in the year at the FULL rate, so if you want to take advantage of this & use it to TRULY CREATE LASTING CHANGE & get the RESULTS you’re looking for in your life, your relationships, and your career - send me a private message NOW to grab yours! 😍 

I’m a Personal Development Specialist, and an NLP Practitioner, so we are going to go DEEP into the soul & create MASSIVE CHANGE together! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼😱😱😱

Love, light, and HIGH VIBE HIGH 5’s,

It was an EPIC success. I filled all 6 spots and some.

I can say, without a doubt, that this only happened because I began to protect my own boundaries.

Babes, coaching is a game of BALANCE.

You 10000% need to give EPIC value in all that you do - whether it is a facebook post, a live, or an insta story. BUT - you DO NOT have to give all of your time, energy and resources to people who are NOT investing back into you.

In all honesty - advice that is taken freely, will never be as powerful as advice being paid for.

Think about the last time that you really applied 893498234% advice you got for free? Yeah.. Exactly. Now, think about the advice you applied that you PAID for? Probably a TONNE MORE IMPORTANT to you, right?!

It starts with believing in YOURSELF.
If you DO NOT BELIEVE in what you’re giving others, there is NO WAY they will ever invest for it. Bottom line.

Set your boundaries, by setting your belief.

Love, light, and a High Vibe High Five,

J xx