The TRUTH about TOTAL Life Transformation...

I'm not here to tell you that going after your dreams is a smooth sailing journey.
I’m not here to teach you the ‘secrets’ and ‘shortcuts’ or ‘1 simple step’ to overhaul and change your life. I’m not here to sugarcoat the truth of TRANSFORMATION.

The woman you see in this photo, taken a few days ago in Bali, is NOWHERE NEAR the girl I was one year ago! Playing with the sand, sun soaking into my skin, joy in my heart... there was a time when I thought I was about to give up on me EVER being able to feel this way.

Right here, right now, I’m going to tell you the raw & honest truth of self transformation.

If you want to change your life, there’s a few things that you’ll need to cement as the NEW TRUTH in your mind and in your life.

First of all, you need to MAKE PEACE with your past. It doesn’t matter anymore. Do you get that? Yes, people have hurt you, maybe REALLY badly. You’ve hurt people too, maybe really badly. But if you keep clinging to the story that got you to where you are right now, you’re only ever going to live there. Understand that your past does not dictate your future... only your PRESENT does.

Secondly, know that you’re not going to go anywhere if you’re not HONEST with yourself. It’s no use trying to change the symptoms (like grumpiness, aggression, drinking too much, controlling others, living in victim mode etc) if the actual CAUSE is the problem (you’re not happy and fulfilled in your job, relationship, life...). This part is NOT EASY. It requires you to sever one or two or five hundred old, unserving parts of your identity. That could mean leaving your relationship, quitting your job, moving cities, saying goodbye to friendships that no longer feel good, or maybe even changing your life direction completely. Whatever it is, understand that if you choose to GO THERE - to where it is messy and uncomfortable - you will be supported. You will be protected. The Universe will have your back through this process. And it is only when we acknowledge our shadows, that they can then be brought into the light.... so GO to that place you keep bloody avoiding. When we honour our highest truth, the result reflects our efforts.

Radical self transformation does NOT happen overnight! It is a popular thought, that we can change our entire lives overnight... we can’t.
While you can BEGIN the journey at any moment you choose, the things that you’re trying to change will keep popping up throughout your entire journey. It is up to YOU, and YOU alone to take the SELF OWNERSHIP to realise that you’re being the ‘old’ you, and to actively change the direction of your thoughts, words, or actions in THAT moment.

No one else can do this for you.
The only lasting change, is one that you truly actively work hard for.
And I don’t mean ‘work hard’ in a negative way, that makes you feel exhausted and crappy like the job you hate.
I mean work hard in a way that makes you FEEL DAMN GOOD, because you’re shedding layers of yourself that no longer have a purpose, that no longer matter, that only WEIGH YOU DOWN, so that you can finally start stepping into, and BECOMING, the person that you KNOW you have always deserved to be.

Up until one year ago, I spent all my time people pleasing and being the chameleon I thought everyone wanted me to be. My own dreams were covered with the doubts and fears that rule so many of us. I was emotionally, spiritually & financially empty. I was a mess, and I say that with love... but seriously, I was. Other than to make a difference in the world, I wasn’t clear on my purpose here, and spent many days in bed, distracting myself with Netflix and social media, because the thought of facing anyone or anything was exceptionally difficult. I was a terrible partner to my soul mate, and I was empty and numb.

Then came the Moment.
The Moment deserves its own post, but the Moment is what you too will experience when it is time.
Time for you to actually, physically, soulfully, TRULY, once and for all, make the DAMN DECISION to shed the old and step into the new.

It took me 7 months of work. Of tears, of intense growth, of development day in and day out. Of bravery, to face those places that were so, so terrifying - fears of abandonment, insecurities, an overwhelming sense of not being good enough.

But I went there.

Now? I’m in a place where I finally, finally feel fulfilled, happy, and PART OF THIS WORLD. My relationship is better than its ever been, my finances are the strongest I’ve ever had, my businesses are thriving, I get to travel and explore this world without worrying about anything, but most importantly - MY SOUL IS ANEW. It knows. It knows my journey. And it is smiling in freakin’ MAD HAPPINESS to know that.... well, WE MADE IT.

And again....... SO CAN YOU! I’m NOT budging on that.

If you can taste the life you know you deserve, it is TIME.

Stop wasting the precious soul you have within you.
You are not an accident.
You are not a mistake.
You are not a random occourance.
You are pure fucking MAGIC.

And don’t you ever damn forget it.

Love, light and a High Vibe High Five,
J xx