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Our past.

When thinking about things we’ve done, or things that have happened to us, it can be really easy to cringe at our past actions, or to perhaps feel a sense of shame, sadness, guilt, maybe wishing and praying we could erase something, or change something….. Whatever it may be. And that’s cool, I get that – there are naturally emotions associated.


What if I told you there was a better way? A way that didn’t include wanting to bury your face in your hands, or go back and change something you said/did, or try to alter the behavior of someone else who might have caused you hurt?

Lets start from the beginning.

Your past is BEAUTIFUL.

Yes, you heard me.

Every broken, damaged piece of it. Every person that has made you hurt so badly you thought you might break. Every stupid decision you think you’ve made that you WISH you could take back.

Can I share a secret with you?

Those times MADE YOU.

You may have crumbled, crying until you had no heart left. You may have felt like you were so hurt, you may not ever recover.
You may have wanted to hide under the covers, not wanting to see another face in case you were reminded of something you did.
You may feel that hot shame creeping up your spine, encompassing your whole body, your face warm and flushed from embarrassment at your actions.
And that is ok – maybe you did something that you came to regret. Or maybe someone else’s actions truly scarred you in ways you can’t forget.

But let me tell you…..

If you hadn’t been through all that, you wouldn’t be who you are right now, right this very second.

Because, you see – you DID rebuild. You DID pick yourself up, and carry on. You created a new you through the storm. You became stronger. You learned.

You can look at your past in two ways. You can be embarrassed, regretful, ashamed… You can harbor a grudge, you can hold onto hurt, you can become bitter at the way you perceive the world (or someone) has hurt you. And this can create you too – These views can become a shield that you apply in order to protect yourself. That can be helpful in some situations, yes, but it can also make you so completely guarded and negative that you miss out on any new love and joy and light that might come into your life in any form.


You can look see your past as lessons. You can allow yourself to surrender into the experiences that made you who you are. You can feel gratitude to the person (people) that might have hurt you, for through their actions, they created a warrior.
You can look at your decisions as learning curves. You can use the negative emotions that you associated with those decisions to remind you of your lesson – you don’t want to feel that way again, so you can choose a different option the next time. You can feel proud of who you are, because you took each and every one of those experiences, and crafted strength, resilience, patience, and release.

How you feel about who you are, depends solely on how you perceive yourself – past, present and future. We love our past, because it has allowed us to now know better.

Send love to those who have hurt you.
Send love to those you have hurt.
Most of all – send love to yourself, in all your warrior glory.

Love who you are – embrace your past with open arms, for it made you who you are.