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I am BEYOOOOND excited to meet you!

I'm Jacqui - Manifesting Expert, Personal Development & Mindset Specialist, and the creator of Self Help for the Soul Online Courses.

I'm here with good news.
There is NOTHING that you cannot be, do or have in this lifetime.

You CAN be richer than your wildest dreams.
You CAN travel the world whenever you want, to wherever you want.
You CAN experience an explosive, passionate, soul mate relationship.
You CAN run your own business (or three, or five, or twelve) from anywhere.
You CAN become that best selling author, the lead actor in the movie, the incredible Mom.
In fact, it can ALL be yours. You don't even have to choose just one.

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Do you ever wonder why, 'no matter what you do', you can't seem to move yourself from where you are, to where you want to be?

So did I - Until I started studying the Law of Attraction and Manifestation 10 years ago.

I now run two wildly successful 5 + 6 figure businesses from my Mac, sometimes in my pajamas.
I live on a wildlife reserve in South Africa with my soul mate man.
I have just come back from New Zealand, and am about to head to Bali.

I created a life that I love, by applying an easy to learn, easy to follow, and easy to stick to Manifestation Process.

I am now here to show YOU how to do the same!

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 Jacqui helped me find my inner self just by nudging me along with hard hitting questions. Questions that most of us probably avoid because we don't always want to believe the real answer. I was shocked to find some of my biggest life blocks steam from my childhood and simple phrases I never knew held such a significant hold over me. I began rewriting my true beauty and desires based off of my higher self verses these false imagine I had created of myself as a child. 

Once I saw myself as the powerful badass woman that I am and truly taking gratitude in all I have already manifested in my life it was like a new awakening. Jacqui helped me find clarity in my direction and I was able to swim free in an ocean of possibilities!

It's simple for me to recommend Jacqui as a coach because she is truly invested in helping YOU find your higher self and not be told who your higher self is.

She is wonderful at steering you to find the answers within yourself. She will be your biggest cheerleader and #1 fan at the finish line!! Jacqui instantly became a dear friend to me and our spirits connected from day one! She will forever hold a special place in my journey!!  After our coaching session I continue to chat with Jacqui now and then on the amazing break throughs I continue to make. 

My relationship with myself has improved abundantly. I am so proud of who I am and all I attract into my life.

I have grown closer with my siblings, expanded my business, attracted more positive attention and guidance from others, as well as truly began to appreciate the life I live everyday. 

I see how God and the universe are working for me every day and no longer struggling to try to do things on my own!! Thank you Jacqui!! I love  who you are and appreciate all you have done and continue to do to help others!

Jacqui was a dream to work with. She made me feel safe and comfortable, and our sessions quickly became more like talking to a friend! She is a master of manifestation and the law of attraction, and I loved learning from her. She is also NOT AFRAID to ask the hard questions. You know the ones that force you to take a step back and really think. I was able to be incredibly honest and raw with her, and with myself, which allowed me to actually get to know myself a lot better. I would recommend Jacqui to anyone, she really is a beautiful soul and an excellent coach.

I was not quite sure what to expect from coaching as I'd never worked with a coach before. My experience with Jacqui was nothing short of enlightenment, and it made me work really deep through my ego and limiting beliefs in a way I never thought possible before. Jacqui is not afraid to go hard and get your deepest feelings out, to help you focus on results.

I will need more space to describe all the positive, life changing things that Jacqui helped me to accomplish in our sessions. I am amazed at the changes in my mindset on relationships, financial freedom, family, money and other things, that helped me to work out how to make the necessary adjustments to be the best I can be.

I will recommend Jacqui to anyone and everyone as she will be your best friend, AND your biggest cheerleader! She will work with you and show you that the solutions are right there... within yourself!