The 12 Universal Laws

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IS NOT THE ONLY UNIVERSAL LAW THAT EXISTS.Did you know that there are a total of TWELVE epically powerful laws that dictate and determine your entire human experience? And, by working WITH them (and not AGAINST them), you will be able to create a BETTER life that is more abundant, fulfilling, peaceful, and JOYFUL?!In this value packed masterclass, you will receive training in true Jacqui High Vibe style, where we cut through the 'spiritual woo' BS and get STRAIGHT to what you NEED to know in order to start recognising these ancient laws at work.Over 90 minutes, we dive deep into; THE LAW OF DIVINE ONENESS: Do you know how your hate for your enemy is affecting YOU?!THE LAW OF VIBRATION: Everything is, like, energy, dude. And we all, like.. Vibe, man.THE LAW OF ACTION: You need to DO something, in order to GET something. Here's how.THE LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE: As above, so below. What goes on within you, will present itself outside you.THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT: Nothing EVER happens by chance, without chance, for chance (who is chance, anyway?!)THE LAW OF COMPENSATION: What you put in, is the EXACT of what you'll get out.THE LAW OF ATTRACTION: Do I even need to explain this one to you (don't worry, I do anyway!)THE LAW OF PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY: My personal fave. You'll see why, inside.THE LAW OF RELATIVITY: The truth is what you make it.THE LAW OF POLARITY: Nothing is anything without something in it (Where did Yoda come from?!)THE LAW OF RHYTHM: Life is a cycle, man. Your relationships are a cycle. Your money is a cycle. Your career is a cycle. Your face is a cycle (no, YOUR face is a cycle...!!)THE LAW OF GENDER: Everything is masculine & feminine in perfection. You will get SIMPLIFIED SPIRITUALITY in this masterclass, and you will walk away with an EPIC understanding of ALL TWELVE Universal Laws, so that you're able to AMPLIFY the results that you WANT to experience in your LIFE!***SPECIAL PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!***

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