Aug 18, 2019

In the last (almost) 5 months, I've been 'out' twice.

Can you drink alcohol and still be spiritual?

This is a question that I am asked regularly, and one that I must admit sits on my mind every now and then - especially when the weekend rolls around.

CAN we drink booze and still have a connection with GUS (for those of you new here - GUS is GOD, UNIVERSE, SPIRIT)?

Since my breakup right at the beginning of April, I've had an interesting relationship with booze. Whenever I'd have it, I would feel really anxious and depressed the next day. Even just two tequila shot that Kathryn Ottobrino and I shared after closing her retreat for the year kept me up ALL night with low level anxiety. Like.... WHY?

When I visited my dear friend Robyn in Thailand, we had one crazy night together that involved smooching a USA army guy in a bar, AND Burger King at 2am - seriously, I felt like I was 18 again. But once again - the anxiety struck HARD the next day. I felt like I needed to overhaul my life, like I'd totally messed up, like my life needed a refresh, like I wasn't on the right track.

That's when this seed was planted;
Does GUS judge us as hard as we judge ourselves?

I've been spending a LOT of time on my own lately, working hard on my book proposal, showing up for my 1:1 clients and my 2.0 Group Program clients, and generally keeping to myself for most of my months lately. I just haven't had a desire to be around people. Call me a hermit, but it's the truth. There's been MAJOR changes, upgrades and up-levels in my life over the past 5 months, and that shit takes TIME and ENERGY to integrate into human life.

I can't say I feel lonely at the moment, but there's definitely a part of me that misses being SOCIAL.

So, when my brother invited me to dinner with him and his friends, I literally spent 6 days tossing up the pros and cons, going between 'UGH YES I WANT TO BE SOCIAL', with 'I've worked so hard to cultivate the vibration I am on, do I really want to set myself back?', before finally committing like.... 3 hours before the event started.


I decided to go for it, because I realised that WE (you and I!) are the only ones that judge ourselves. GUS thinks we're fucking PERFECT, whether we are sitting in our pyjamas and drinking tea, or we're having a wine with our girlfriends. 
It is YOU that judges yourself.

Let's look at this two ways - the woo and the human (lol, as if we'd do it any other way)..

On the spirit level, there's a really interesting belief about alcohol literally lowering your vibration, making you susceptible to lower vibrational entities who take over your spirit. 
It is said that the word 'alcohol' comes from the Arabic term 'al-khul' which means BODY EATING SPIRIT. 
I know I've definitely been in situations where I've seen this happening to people who have been drinking - literally like something else just takes over. Ugh, gives me shivers...
Anyway, just going to leave that there...

Now, on the HUMAN side....
 think that the anxiety so many of us experience comes from the ACTIONS that are taken under the influence of booze. As in - booze isn't the problem, but what you think is okay to do while you're drinking.

I think, if we were to get REALLY deep here... What if all booze does, is brings up the deep desires and urges that lie dormant in our unconscious mind? What if what you do and say while you're drinking, is just as part of who you are as exercising and eating healthy, or reading and knitting? The only difference is that when you're drinking, you don't feel the need to submerge those desires anymore? Hmmm.. I'm not sure. Just a thought that came up while I was writing this.

ANYWAY - The verdict is still out.

What I've found to be true, is that the self judgement & self hate the next day lowers your vibration more than ANYTHING else.

Why does there need to be a huge divide and debate as to whether drinking makes you any less spiritual? I certainly don't believe that GUS sits there going, 'Oh my god, they're drinking, better remove that epic manifestation I had planned for them'....

This is a world of free will. By exercising our free will, we discover who we ARE (and who we are not), based on how certain actions (or non actions!) make us feel. If drinking makes you feel completely out of alignment, then listen to that. If you're able to drink and still feel high vibe A F, then listen to that! Every one of us is different, and we can only choose for OURSELVES.

As for me?
I had an epic night with my bro and some mutual friends of ours. I felt really safe, my low key social anxiety disappeared within a few minutes of putting myself in the exact situation that I was nervous about (such is life, right? Face the freakin' fear, man!).

We had AMAZING Thai food, laughed a shit tonne, and (mostly) all went back to my brother's place to have snacks and listen to old school 90s jams (sorry not sorry). I had a really good night filled with just as many lighthearted conversations as deep and meaningful ones, and it was GOOD!

Right now, I'm happy with where I'm at. I have absolutely NO desire to drink every weekend like I used to when I was younger/unhappier, and I think that is because I have so many things in my life that are fulfilling me right now, that I'm not constantly looking forward to 'going out and making memories'. And, on the flip side of that - now that I've started my journey into INTEGRATING all the shit I've been through lately, and becoming human again - it feels really good to connect every now and then with other humans over a glass of bubbles and talk.

In short, team - there are never any rules when it comes to being spiritual. You make your own. If you know that you're more out of alignment than you are IN alignment, and you feel that drinking is a cause of this - maybe it's time to look at your intention behind drinking. I was just chatting to my buddy Lance (check him on IG @lancewessihos), about distractions - and how booze is one of the biggest ones.

What do YOU THINK?

Can you be spiritual AND drink?
How does drinking make you feel? Has this changed as your life has?

Hit me back by replying to this email - I'd truly LOVE to hear your thoughts!

Love, light, and a High vibe High Five,
J xx


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