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D O N O T G I V E U P.

You are not here to be made hard by this world.⠀
You are not here, to grow a shell so thick, that not even the greatest love can penetrate it.⠀
You are not here, to be made cynical, pessimistic and incorrigible by the experiences you’ve had.⠀
It is never too late, to become what you might have been.⠀
I know you are hurting.⠀
I know that you’ve been through more than most people can take the time to understand.⠀
I know that you’ve hard your dreams taken away, your hopes slashed, and your heart broken more than you can probably count.⠀
And I KNOW how hard it is to get back up.⠀
I know how difficult it is to choose love, openness, understanding, empathy, belief and trust after that.⠀
I know. Because I was that person. Battered and bruised by who I had become.⠀

But what if.........⠀
What if, all that was broken and all that has hurt you, was never meant for you?⠀
What if, all that caused you pain and grief, sadness and disappointment all happened, to prepare you for something much bigger?⠀
Something that would require you to KNOW the depths of your soul, and what strength you are capable of embodying?⠀
What if it all happened, to prepare you.... for now?⠀
Take a step back, child of the Universe.⠀
You are not here to be hardened, moulded into another nay sayer, the person you promised yourself you’d never become.⠀
You were born to be great.⠀
And that requires you to be MADE great.⠀
Overcoming what you thought you couldn’t.⠀
Picking the pieces up, and gluing them back together.⠀
Opening to love, opportunity, and all that ‘could be’, no matter how scared you have become.⠀
Saying yes when your heart is frightened.⠀
Saying yes when you know you’re afraid.⠀
You’re not here, to be what you have settled for.⠀
Your experiences will always change you.
But you get to choose how.


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