Let the Universe GUIDE YOU.

Jul 08, 2019


Three years ago,
I’d found a soulmate and started a relationship I was sure I’d be in for the rest of my life.

6 months in,
All my shadows came out to play.
My insecurities around TRUST were triggered, and amplified.
My need to CONTROL in order to feel safe, was expanded.
My belief that I wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH, that I needed to change, was CEMENTED.

No one liked me, I thought.
I was weird, different (well I am, actually... and I love it... now!).
I didn’t fit in.
I wasn’t born for this.

I was diagnosed with depression.
And prescribed medication.

Instead of taking it,
I took it as a wake up call.

After talking to my partner at the time... I booked a flight to New Zealand, and moved into my Mom’s spare room. 
For 8 months.

I spent every day creating the NEW.
I’d been studying both the spirituality of living a better life (mindset, manifesting & matrix..) AND the human psychology of it (conscious & subconscious, belief system & NLP) for over 10 YEARS.......
And decided to APPLY it.
Once and for all.

Not just experiment, or do it when I felt like it, when it was easy. But go ALL IN.

For five days, I sat with a notebook and a pen, crafting my contact with the Universe. What I was requesting, AND what I would give in return.

After healing my own limiting beliefs, and bringing the dark into the light (anyone who’s been through the Dark night of the Soul will know the journey that is), launching my business & booking my first clients, I flew back to Africa, reunited with my partner.

Over the next two years,
My business grew massively,
I held successful programs & courses,
Journeyed with soul mate clients to their best selves,
Travelled & taught my magic,
Attended international mindset & growth events,
Got engaged to the love of my life,

And 3 months later, we broke it off.
I packed my life into a bag,
And booked a one way ticket into the world.

It seemed that overnight things shifted for me.
I was playing small without even realising it.

Though I adored my relationship, and will always be grateful to have found such love for so long.....
I was holding myself back from my full, true potential.

And the Universe knew it.


I could have dealt with this by submerging myself in heartbreak for months,
Creating stories that confirmed the beliefs I had worked so hard to dissolve,
That said something WAS wrong with me,
That being ‘not good enough’ was in my DNA.
Lost for months, or years even, in a story that didn’t serve me or my highest vision.
One that would keep me small,
Hiding from the world.
Defining myself by a moment in time.

But instead.....
I chose to lean in.
To let GUS guide me to the greater plan.
To TRUST harder than I’d ever trusted anyone or anything....

I am learning more.
Experiencing the world through the eyes of a whole human.

Choosing to be unscathed by the experiences that have led me to become the woman I am.
Choosing to see JOY in what could have destroyed me.
Choosing to believe that the BEST was YET TO COME.

And boy..... THAT has been reflected in my life EVERYDAY. Business growth beyond my dreams, inspiration levels through the roof, new opportunities coming my way greater than I ever DREAMED of, all while I travel the world & help hundreds of women create their OWN next level lives too.

Here’s the thing.
The Universe can always see what you can’t. 
It will ALWAYS move you, if you are too scared to move yourself.

Trust that everything is working out FOR you,
In the HIGHEST good.
That the Universe is simply bringing you what you desire, through the shortest path.... and that often comes with ripping out all that is no longer serving you.

What if what you are going through RIGHT NOW, is preparing you, to be able to accept all that you desire?

The choice is yours.
Focus on what IS good.
There is ALWAYS something.
There is ALWAYS a choice.


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